High Desert Born, High Desert Proven


Bovagene Update • August 2015

Dear Friends:

The following news will be some good - some bad. Personally, I believe in full disclosure.

Because of the reluctance of lots of Angus seed stock producers to breed for high marbling, the Wagyu breed is making inroads into our business. Two good examples right here at home. One, Waldon, CO large breeder is implanting 1,000+ Wagyu embryos this year. Two, Padlock Ranch north of Sheridan, WY is using all Wagyu semen on their yearling heifers. Why?

The demand for high marbling beef continues to grow. Two to four times more net profit in Prime beef at harvest over standard Select and Choice grades.

A good window of how the Angus breed is doing is the National Junior Steer Contest held each year. Disappointing to say the least. 2% or less of our national killed beef grades Prime. Angus is not much better.

Recently, I killed a red Angus heifer and had a rude awakening. I invited some family and friends over for an evening hamburger meal. As you can imagine, I wanted to promote Prime Angus and presented an opportunity for them to see for themselves what the difference was of supermarket regular hamburger compared to Prime beef hamburger.

The Safeway regular beef was probably from an old bull, and the other was from Prime beef. I personally was shocked at the difference. It was dramatic. The question from everyone was, "Where can we get this kind of hamburger?"

In my opinion, and a growing number of others today, is "why aren't more breeders using bulls that produce high marbling?" There are a number of reasons, and most of the reasons are justified.

Good, long time cattle breeders don't want their cows looking like Jersey milk cows. A lot of the early high marbling cattle had major problems.

Today, for the first time in my 51 years in this business, there is one Angus bull that is available that has outstanding strength in every measurable trait. His name is Speedway. I own him in his entirety. I have done everything that I can think of to factually prove to everyone that he is exactly what I say he is. You don't have to drive to Colorado to see him in person. Pull up my website and watch my video of Speedway.

Please, remember this. If it's not in his blood - he cannot and will not produce it. The papered pedigree tells you the ancestry, his DNA tells you what he really has. Although DNA does not present a perfect picture, it is becoming more accurate every day. When they identify 700,000 markers, you can bet the ranch on the data.

The yearling data on Speedway will never change. It is history. It is what he is. His extended EPDs will depend largely on the quality of the cows that he's bred to. If your cows have 400 years of choice marbling bred in to them, you most likely will need 2-3 generations of high marbling sires to improve that trait. It's the same with any trait. But, if not now - when? It's a no brainer to use a lesser quality bull when a bull like Speedway is readily available.

Speedway has it all for the road ahead. When the price of cattle drops, and it will - you'll go to the bank with a smile on your kisser using Speedway. Think about it!

Low birth, high growth, excellent efficiency, large testicle, very docile, perfect feet, almost $100 premium at weaning, about $170 premium at harvest (yearling), extreme eye appeal, large highly marbled rib eyes that are 'melt in your mouth' tender; and lastly low back fat, and low PAP.

Call me at 307-340-0488 for free shipping, or call Origen for excellent service, or if you've been buying your semen from an ABS sales person - please insist on SF Speedway A187 CSS Semen. They also offer volume discounts.

There is one bull in the entire beef business that has it all - check him out for yourself. Speedway.

Thank you, and as always, "God bless you, and God bless America."

Ben Lawson