High Desert Born, High Desert Proven


Bovagene Update • February 2014

As I sit down to write this newsletter, we just finished eating the most wonderful steak dinner you can imagine. A CAB rib eye cooked to perfection. Warren Buffet never had it any better.

Thinking about our sale April 7, I can't wait to see how commercial breeders will accept Prime cattle. Traditionally, high desert cattle don't bring as much as pampered cattle and that's OK with me. I'm not in it just for the money but to help people make a better living has been a long time effort.

It's time to think about Prime beef folks. It's a better deal and doesn't cost a dime more. In fact maybe less.

I've never wanted average cattle. When you see a pedigree that says $B-50, that's average choice.

Cattle producers want heavy weaning weights. Feed lot owners want fast gainers that convert feed efficiency. The packers want quality beef because they can get more money for it. Any carcass that is rated Prime is worth a lot or premium. Maybe as much as $200.00 per carcass. Thus, our cattle selling April 7 have a lot of EPD's that are at least + 1.00 marbling. That is Prime. But you have to have it on the bottom side too, and oftentimes it takes two or three generations. Start now.

Selling in our sale you can start on the bottom floor. I only run 50 cows. We do about 50 embryos every year from our very best cows.

That's about 70 calves and we have to sell some really good ones. If you only go to one production sale this year, you owe it to yourself to come to our sale and judge for yourself what we have to offer. These calves won't be big bloomy cattle. They are High Desert cattle. They don't get fat on the High Desert.

The 30 bulls are everything born in 2013.

I will also sell 200 straws of High Prime and take what it sells for. Also 100 straws of Sprint, a young bull that is breaking records. Check out his numbers.

This sale will have as a guest consignor Bob Pingetzer's cattle. He is our cattle manager and has a lot to offer.

This is, to my knowledge, the first HIGH DESERT BORN - HIGH DESERT PROVEN production sale to ever take place. My guess is that there will be many bargains. A lot of great genetics will sell. The cattle have been tested for everything imaginable. They will have full disclosure.

My guess is that when these cattle find new homes, they will do better than they did on the high desert.

Please consider attending when I will celebrate my 50th year, breeding total balanced performance cattle.

April 7, 1:00 p.m., 10 miles east of Riverton at the WBCIA Test Facility. My cell phone number is 307-340-0488, or you can contact Bob Pingetzer at his cell number at 307-851-4401.

Ben Lawson