High Desert Born, High Desert Proven


Bovagene Update • January 2014

Greetings from Eagle Point, Oregon,

Over the past 50 years in this business, I have a reputation for submitting "full disclosure." In other words, I tell it like it is.

On my flyers and advertising, I say High Prime 4037 is the best proven beef bull of the beef business (any breed).

The newly acquired DNA data shows High Prime to be excellent on growth, maybe the top of the breed for efficiency and carcass.

EPD's are calculated using progeny and DNA. It is also influenced by environment and forage quality. There is not now, one proven Angus bull that will equal the balance of High Prime 4037. EPD's might complete but NONE will compare with the pure blood DNA of High Prime.

There are a lot of used car salesmen in this business now. Politicians and used car salesmen are a lot alike. They'll say anything. The Angus Association has spent millions of dollars and hours of research time putting together meaningful numbers. Smart breeders use them. If you don't believe in numbers, don't tell your banker. Another reminder - "excuses don't sell."

On my new web site (bovagene.com) you will find some research articles. A couple are eye openers:

  1. Corn fed beef is healthier than grass fed beef. Can you believe that?
  2. Large frame cows can be just as efficient as small frame cows. Sorry, Kit Pharo.
  3. Long toes and negative docility are a hundred times more destructive than the new DDC recessive gene.
  4. DNA is now and will be in the future more helpful to progressive beef breeders than any effort so far.
  5. Any organization that sells semen from any bull that has not been tested for at least five genetic defects is someone to stay away from.

My final thoughts:

Someone said they like CAB beef but it was too expensive. Twice a year, Ray's Food Market, a licensed CAB distributor here in Eagle Point, Oregon has a sale on CAB meat for $7.75/lb. JoAnne and I buy a big slab of rib steaks and cut them up about 1" thick and vacuum pack them for the freezer. When we barbecue the steaks with Jim Baldrige's wonderful seasoning, the smell goes out to the neighborhood and they're all looking our way. Then JoAnne cooks up some fresh sweet corn on the cob and joins that with a great Idaho russet potato from my daughter's farm. We cut the steak in half - that makes it $4.00 each for the steak - then smothers the corn and potato with natural butter and sour cream. That my friends is as close to heaven as you're going to get. If corn is good for humans, shouldn't it be good for cattle? Some say chicken is cheaper than steak. I bought a chicken and JoAnne cooked it up. I cut all the meat off - left the bones and weighed just the meat. Guess which was the most expensive: check or CAB prime beef at $4.00 each?

Sometimes it helps to think outside the box.

Meantime, tell your semen supplier you don't want 50 percent cows or bulls.

Call ORIGIN and order High Prime 4037. In fact, order your future success.

Ben Lawson