High Desert Born, High Desert Proven


HIGH PRIME excelled in three important traits at our ranch. Conformation: HIGH PRIME calves have great conformation showing tremendous thickness down their tops and displaying exceptional muscular expression. Marbling: His 2012 sons adjusted IMF was 17% above the average of other sire groups. Disposition: His offspring are uniformly easy to handle. HIGH PRIME 4037 has been a great sire to mate to daughters of S S OBJECTIVE T510 OT26 producing easy to sell bull calves with moderate birth weights, great conformation, outstanding performance and carcass traits and excellent dispositions. At Snyder Bros. we run a no nonsense registered cow herd built on the genetics of highly proven bulls. HIGH PRIME 4037 has been an ideal match for our heard. - Ken and Chris Snyder, Paxton NE

In the fall of 2010, I was surfing the net looking for an outcross bull that could take my herd to the next level. I came across a bull that looked quite impressive. He was on a video from Lusk, Wyoming. The bull's name was HIGH PRIME 4037. There were over 100 heifers that were bred to HIGH PRIME and what could the results be? The rancher never touched one calf! Could that have been a fluke? By no means! He calved out easily for each producer that used him. Each producer that I sold semen to used HIGH PRIME 4037 again. That should tell you something. Next spring, several producers will be looking for calves out of his heifers. Then the proof will be in the pudding. - David Hepburn, Whitewood, SK, Canada

Just a few notes on HIGH PRIME. We started using him in 2009 and we have been using him every year since. The reasons are many: trouble free calving with sound structured pregnancy, superior carcasses, very docile and extremely important to us. They make excellent cows!

Just got the carcass data on last year's calves. We had four head that were prime, YG#1 and three of them were sired by HIGH PRIME! - Ed Burman, Harland, IA

Supreme Champion & Carcass Division Champ at 2013 CAB Bull Sale in Turlock Ben, here are a few highlights from HIGH PRIME. At the 21st Annual Tri-County Breeders Choice Bull Sale in Templeton, CA a HIGH PRIME 4037 son from Furtado Angus was selected as the Champion Range Bull. He led off the sale and sold for $5,700. Two other HIGH PRIME 4037 sons also from Furtado Angus sold for $5,400 and $5,200 at the same sale.

Compare the DNA

This DNA is 50K and the lower numbers are the best!

Sydgen Fate 2800 $113,000
20 23 23 37 56 45 4 5 17 14 23 31 11 24 14 17 67
PA Fortitude $75,000
17 22 14 9 31 75 75 94 1 44 83 29 31 27 54 17 10
High Prime 4037
50 53 20 23 11 2 49 25 8 - 14 13 2 5 2 13 91
AAR Ten X 7008 SA
3 1 12 12 88 95 81 2 23 - 5 14 23 27 57 80 37

Both Sydenstricker and Peterson Angus are well known and have produced some oustanding performance bulls. Both S. Fate 2800 and PA Fortitude could possibly be their best efforts thus far. The DNA will not ever change regardless of whate they are bred to. Both High Prime and Ten X are well proven bulls with breed leading numbers and excellent balance. I believe smart breeders know that DNA is the future of our business and it is important for your program and the direction your headed. It's easy to see where High Prime excels above the rest in efficiency and carcass. It is the money in your pocket in this business.

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